Diwakar Vaish

Bringing Robots to life

Guest Lectures

Nothing gives more knowledge than doing the things by your own hands.

Hence me and my team set up robotics labs at various colleges and institutes so that they can make their students trained practically over real life robots.

These labs are completely adaptive and can be tailor made according to the requirements of the clients. All you need to do is to tell us what u want and leave rest to us. 

Robotics Lab Set-up

Making students see what is going on in the industry of robotics is a great way to keep them updated with the latest in technologies and keep their mind intrigued and hungry for knowledge. 

The Robots include Soccer playing Humanoid Robot, Dancing Humanoid Robot, Mind Sensing Robot, Versatile (Shape changing Robot), Spider Robots, Fully autonomous Drone, High end actuators, Carbon fibre robot parts, Laser sensors and varoious new technologies. 

I've always been keen in research and this has given rise to some really cutting edge technology. 

These technologies are worth telling to people in order to exit their minds to go ahead in the field and to motivate them to excel in their fields. 

Hence I've been giving guest lectures to various institutes including 11 IIT's various NITs BITS BIT and many other institutes. 

World has a lot of problems waiting to be solved. Wether we talk about affordable healthcare, increasing efficiency of production line or military robots. We are doing it all. 

So if you have a technological problem then we can find the best possible solution to it. With the most advanced simulation, latest manufacturing process and unparalleled research. We have the power to make impossible possible

Robotic Exhibitions

Research Initiatives 

Innovation and Product Development 

Robotics is a best example of almost every science known to mankind and thats why researching in this field has lead to huge arsenal of information and methadologies that makes research easier and more successful.

Hence I along with my team is helping various organisations to reach their objectives of researching new technologies which includes almost all the fields covered in Information technology, primarily robotics. I work on the philosophy that nothing is impossible.