Diwakar Vaish

Diwakar researched out a whole team out of robots that can play football. 

Not only can they play football but they don't even need any kind of commands from humans. They see the ball, goal and everything around then they make their strategy and play football. 

Back in 2010 it was the first time when this kind of robots were introduced. 

Autonomous football playing Robots

Back in 2011 Diwakar Vaish researched a technique through which a robot can be controlled just by thinking.
Later Diwakar became India's first researcher to control a robot just by thinking. This research has hugely appreciated by top institutions across the globe and also the media from across the globe. 

This is a game changing technology which will enable a lot of wearable technologies to work in sync with human mind. 

Inventor of Brain Cloning

Manav is India's first completely made in India 3D printed Humanoid Robot

Built from scratch in just a span of 2 months. It was sent to production in November 2014 and the first prototype was launched at IIT Bombay on 2nd January 2015.

This Robot is 2 feet in height and weights just 2 kg. It has onboard sound and vision processing. It also has 21 degrees of freedom, including hip rotation which is rarely seen in robots of this size.

Made with pride in India with an irresistible price tag.


We want to make robots as humanly as possible and for the
same, we need to make their brain as close to human as possible. So rather than writing complex artificial intelligence code we took a radical approach to go ahead an clone human brain activity in a robot.

At this point no other company or individual has ever done it and Manav is World's first robot to implement brain cloning in real life.

Because of this Manav is able to replicate 5 different human emotions after encountering differnt situations. 

World's First Mind Controlled Wheelchair

Bringing Robots to life

LIS or Locked in Syndrome is a very devastating condition where the patients are able to perceive the entire environment but are not able to do anything physically neither can they move around nor speak.

For the people suffering with this condition, we developed world's first mind-controlled wheelchair. This wheelchair does what the user thinks. No need of a button or a remote. Now the patients with this condition can freely move around by their own will. 

Brain Sensing Robotics