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JAN 2015


Manav is India's first completely indigenously made robot.  It's chassis is made out of 3D printed plastics and thus this robot is extremely light yet extremely strong. 

Advance Front.jpg

SEPT 2017

World's smallest cheapest yet most advanced medical ventilator yet. It has all the features of a full fledged ventilator while still being under the price of $1000

Screenshot 2019-02-02 at 1.22.15 PM.png

MARCH 2016

Samarth is the world's first completely brain controlled wheelchair. User simply has to think and the wheelchair moves. This is made for people with full body paralysis

MARCH 2015

This 3D printed prosthetic arm is one of the lightest & cheapest prosthetic arm ever built. The entire arm is 3D printed giving the user the ease of customising every hand according to the need and build of the user

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